jikook tumblr. A stuntman on “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” series is fighting for his life after a stunt left him hospitalized, TMZ reported Friday. I think in other cultures you only really celebrate once a year, but in Korea we count the 22nd day, 100th day, 300, 1000, 1500 (and so on…). See a recent post on Tumblr from @saharasnowfall about jikook. So, maybe you have seen the Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney. ) Jikook's 62827 failures at subtility. Jungkooks face when he noticed a jimins fansite. Jikook social media au #2 - HERE. He works, solves cases, loves Harry Potter and goes on dates with pretty betas with ugly names. mintvae: G E T I T, L E T I T R O L L. something that controls what you do by keeping you within particular limits: 2. Discover more posts about kookmin, jeon jungkook, jikook ptd seoul, mingguk, jimin, jungkook, and jikook. jikook jikook au jikook fanfic jikook fic jikook fic rec jikook fanfiction kookmin kookmin fanfic kookmin fic rec kookmin au kookmin fic bts fanfic bts fic bts fanfiction bts fics fic reccomendations fic recommendation fic rec fanfic rec ask response single parent au. what real mens activists look like (see more here) this-that-and-other-crap. A change of perception between ARMY and Jikook? There was a clip during ITS yesterday between Jimin and Jungkook which caused quite a large reaction. Since we are on the topic of song recommendation, after been on Tumblr for a day, I though this song matches my "vibe" today ️ kookmin bts jikook kpop ships Youtube 3 notes Feb 20th, 2022. jungshiii: koala jikook mode: on for bojogaen ♡. Episodes 112-121 *Episodes 122-130 coming soon!* Jikook Guide to the Be. the amount of times they're caught off cam together. This clip plus the way both Jimin. Find and save images from the "Jikook - tumblr - goals ♂️♀️🏳️‍ " collection by July (juliet594) on We Heart It, your everyday app to get lost in . Social Media AU : Jeon Jungkook is a famous KPOP idol and Park Jimin owns a fan account that seems to catch Jungkook's attention. In which Jungkook's brother, Seokjin, thought he could use some social life so he tricks him into writing to a random student from over seas. jikook, jikook discourse, jikook analysis, bts discourse, fandom discourse, ujt in depth. Jimin glares, Jungkook giggles. jung-koook: GOODBYE WORLD (via jungkkyuk) Jan 11, 2022. #Jikook art btsfanart anime artists on tumblr digitalart design tumblarians bts taehyung bts rm Jikook Jikookau jikookfanart kookmin kookmin au kookminfanart km jeon jungkook bts jungkook jungkook jimin moodboard jimin layouts jimin aesthetic jimin fanart jimin wallpaper bts jimin park Jimin gguk icons gguk bts jungguk. New jikook moments with Jikook analysis and run bts behind. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures. I despise everything and adore anything. Looks like someone is in the mood to flirt and tease his boyfriend in public. They mean so much to each other, each and every one on different levels, and the Maknae line, those three with JM as their nexus are something special indeed. I can't find my glitter handcuffs, where tf ARE they". I do believe they're romantically involved and have been for a long while but I doubt they're engaged or even married. The way non shipper Koreans picked up dialogue used between couples is being used between Jikook. oh and exo, suju, btob & day6 are also main asf fo sure. Taehyung: Turns out, Yoongi is scarier when he's quiet. Jeon Jeongguk is an uprising boxer, in dire need of a sponsor; Kim Taehyung is a supermodel, just as desperate to find a partner in crime to cheat out an entire family wealth with - upon meeting, they cannot help but get tangled. I kind of want to work on my original. Jikook Fanfiction Recommendations. This video shows all the characters: Tumblr. Why the left lost South Korea’s election. Have talked enough about this? I don't think we did no. jikook matching icons jungkook moodboard bts moodboard bts packs icons jungkook jungkook icons matching icons jikook moodboard jikook icons jimin icons metadinhas bts icons 115 notes Nov 16th, 2021 Open in app. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #outline, #outlineeffect, #outlinechallenge, #outlinefilter, #orginaleffect, #neweffect. Tumblr two-different-realms: So the henna tattoo for a symbol of their friendship "Friendship" yes via 보고 싶다 Wtf jikook is so fucking boyfriends in bonvoyage jimin wippiing something off Jungkook lips. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. And just to be clear, I still adore Jikook til the end of the world. UPDATE: the admins have retired. If you let their beautiful and meaningful interactions push you away from them, that's a you problem and I'd. jimin and jungkook's very suggestive, very flirty phone call on 13. Then after they present, jk bcomes an alpha and jimin bcomes an omega. Jikook - “Kiss me” [Ed Sheeran] Settle down with me. World of Jikook This is a blog where I post about my OTP, Jikook or Kookmin. Please DO NOT take my art out of Tumblr or repost :'(. In Korean culture it's not pretty common. Vogue Japan (August Issue) will include BTS' interview and exclusive photos will be released on June 27. Wow! 2021 had been a wild wild ride for me as an ARMY and a jikooker. Had to split this one coz tumblr acting up again😠 jikook kookmin jikook social media au jikook au kookmin au kookmin social media au by chance 1 note Dec 12th, 2020. Hey y'all ♡ Today marks 1 year since the LY : SY Tour in Paris. [obviously!] Your safe Jikook place | young mother of 7 babys | twt: @obviousjikook | ao3: SlowRabbit. The Kashmir Files movie review: Anupam Kher is the emotional core of this overwrought film. Enemies to lovers: I've Got A Renegade Heart (And It's Screaming His Name) by candoura. Allow me by sweetmxchi [ Jikook ] based off a prompt i got on tumblr: jikook where say jungkook falls hard on stage but you know has to play it cool keep dancing but jimin is the only one who notices how jungkook is limping and he sees the shiny eyes that want to cry. I swear half the time, i have to look away. JiKook or KookMin) Disclaimer: I do not own any of the GIFs included. for ash @jungkkyuk ♡ happy birthday! i made a sort of spinoff to your amazing gifset hehe. 7k) - ongoing; Work by noraebangbang (YoonMin, 6. oi !! eu sei que você não me conhece assim como não te conheço, mas sei que sua conta merece esse apoio, estou dando pra várias que eu conseguir. Posts; Archive; slowlybutobvious-jikook. You'd let the world burn to keep him safe - Abby S, You Already Have. Whether they dork around together or hang off of each other, the tension between them is truly. listen to my heartbeat (it's calling you at its own will) by poplolli. I swear, there must be something hypnotizing when they look into each other's eyes. Overwhelm them by keeping your touches light, super-fast, and above all: random. jikook staring at each other but the gifs get more intense as you scroll down. se quiser continuar lendo ficarei muito grata. like or reblog if u save or use !! ♡︎. ~CollegeAU Master Post in links ~ PLEASE ENJOY. joke's on you (i'm in love) by NaHe - Jimin plays a prank on Jungkook for his YouTube channel, expecting him to get angry but Jungkook has always had a soft spot for his hyung. ♥♥jikook-love♥♥ Also feel free to check out my AO3 in the meantime, everything on there would've been found on tumblr also. This post is solely going to be me trying to provide my personal opinion on all the popular but utterly stupid theories that keep going around like a clockwork every few days in this fandom (especially the shippers' space). Whichever way they identify their relationship amongst each other, it is. Remember that scene in episode 3 of Euphoria where Tumblr smut writer Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira) penned a 7,000-word fan-fiction tale sparking the “Larry Stylinson†conspiracy about. submission maybe im just a kid in love moon_yujin 9k 5-10k wip fluff college au social media au jikook jikook fic jikook fic rec jikook fan fics jikook fan fic kookmin jikookmuffin 57 notes Dec 9th, 2017. Jikook Tokyo Trip 2017 Experience. I don't feel this way with any other pairs in BTS. Expose their crimes!!! Reblog!!!-Use Save Silwan and Save Sheikh Jarrah in your tags. The last drawing was too soft looking for me to NOT turn it into sakuatsu, the brainrot continues. Discover more posts about (jikook). I didn't leave Tumblr or Jikook. NochuMochi — Jikook x Bon Voyage. They are so happy and precious 🥰. JiKook-ie Turkey added 8 new photos to the album: JiKook Resimli One Shot. @slowlybutobvious-jikook: absolutely hilarious. Jikook is my inspiration to never give up on Love🐰🐤 Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; dalloga. And your heart’s against my chest. I'll be on break from editing videos for a while, but will continue to update my fic! 11. More than 50 moments in chronological order: Before the concert, during soundcheck, during the concert (songs, ments, closing ments and goodbyes). Skye: San; Ali: official links. Jimin really can't control giggling when Jungkook acts like a dork. If they can guess where you're going next, it's not going to work nearly as well. WHENEVER I SEE YOU POST SOMETHING I GET SO GIDDY / pretty pretty / jikook / kookmin / pjm / jjk / gifs /. jungkook: I got two shots at the clinic today but they didn't give me a lollipop yoongi: jungkook, you're 24… jungkook: I know, but they should've at least given me a sticker!. Lastly, yes, Taemin is Jimin's "hyung". The Business and Management Department at the University of Cambridge on Academia. slowlybutobvious-jikook posted this. As time passes and as members engage with each other on Instagram, discourse surrounding Jimin and Jungkook's "lack of interaction. Trivia 承 : Love BTS - Love Yourself 結 'Answer' Trivia 承 : Love by BTS (Love Yourself 結 'Answer'). "jikook + 5th muster in seoul day 1 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) ". I spend a considerable amount of time reading fanfics so I'm here to share my faves. He should be doing his job, but Jimin is a little bit into his boss. ClingyKM — Jikook looks really real! But I think I made a. BUT OMG JIMIN RELEASED HIS SONG. No new videos for a while but here's a new layout! 🥰💜 hopefully it updates across all platforms soon. jikook kookmin minkook bts concert jikook concert ptd jikook jikook seoul ptd seoul day 1. Evidence supplied courtesy of the people doing the good Lord's work at Octopus ⬆️. So, here we go! In chronological order, again. My favorite (sort of) underrated Jikook moments pt. JK's 'Only then ': Hyunjae's (The Boyz) reactions to whatever the hell was going on between JK & JM: Tumblr. Jimin has been in a pretty much dead relationship for two years now and meets Jungkook at Taehyung's housewarming party. together translations: 같이, 동시에, 함께 붙어서. The "pattern" is the korean way of couples celebrating anniversaries. i still love that fic so much, i just need to find the motivation to get on with it <3. Already posted this as a reply to your latest post but decided to post here as well in case you wanted to expand on for OP to see. I will not take any unnecessary hate. See a recent post on Tumblr from @jimimn about JIKOOK. Posts; Ask me anything; Archive; alwaysbeanunknownfan. Taehyung and Jungkook - Taekook - WINNER. I'm lead to Jikook Married Couple Sweet Love forever Park Jimin as Husband Jeon Jungkook as Wife. In South Korea’s election this week, the conservative candidate Yoon Suk-yeol, of the People Power Party, defeated progressive Lee Jae-myung by just 0. u know what i mean, u gotta earn it), i figured i would still be able. And most of them can be lead back to the 8th of november 2015. Please click for full size! :) s till frame. #masterlist #jikook au #complete #social media masterlist #jikook masterlist More you might like. minieggukie: please be gentle with jimin’s ears 😌. tell me can you feel me blowing up. Mostly an archive of cute jikook moments. Of course the things being said are still terrible and Jimin is a human so his feelings could still be hurt by them, but I sort of imagine it being easier to brush things off if he is, for a fact, the. The talk of “how about we put the emotions we’re feeling now into the album” came up, so I think this album contains a lot of our stories. Times when Jikook made my heart go boom boom with their hand holding 💕. I wrote A world for two and I opened my Tumblr. All Jikook moment from PTD Seoul Concert Day 1. jikook fic recs : hi, you know some jikook fic where jimin fills Hi, I'm Lily. Yes, there is a softness there, I'd say more so. Jungkook is a Insta famous model. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary. 26, married, lesbian OT7, Jimin & Jungkook biased, LOUD KM supporter. 💜 > 👑 — Jikook make me cringe, make me blush, make me get. Abo, enemies to lovers, angst, sugar daddy, rich JK or JM -- but all with top Jungkook please and thank you. Never miss a post from kanmom51. Caretaker - As a Jimin stan/biased your first concern would be if Jimin is eating properly. Since pre-debut, Jimin has always been there for Jeongguk. Make gifs, find your community. Jikook anywhere with BTS: Jungkook: [to another member] "Oh, what are you doing in my room?" © 2011-2022 - my little shipper heart - Powered by Tumblr. Oh, sure ^^~ So its like that a few days ago, a k-army noticed a certain pattern in the tweets/posts from Jikook on certain days. BTS fic rec, Best jikook vampire fics with bad boy jungkook. A young mermaid with the face of a 19 year old but the eyes of the Circassian Sea. tbh at first I wasn't really into taekook that much untill in 2018 I found your video and it made sense and taekook-lives became my happy place istg I love them so much. 99€) and I want to know what other people think about that. See, that's what the app is perfect for. ASK - Anonymous or otherwise, would be answered back on tumblr under the #ask tag, but if they have longer answers or I wish to add a few videos supporting my answer, then they would be discussed in my video [JIKOOK BULLETIN] which I will be making specifically for all the asks I receive. Althought most of the fics i suggested did contain a smutty part at some point in the story, and the fact that I don’t tend to read fic just for the smut (even if a lil smut is good. I hope to be here forever, so that I can continue to see this glow and continue to see you fulfill your dreams more and more. co red carrd bts blackpink bts butter jungkook anime jimin tomorrow x together jimin icons taehyung jimin messy packs blm2021 jikook vkook aesthetic vkook jennie matching pfps yeonbin dark moodboard rainbow moodboard golden moodboard red moodboard soft moodboard pastel moodboard. I am an OT7, Jikook Biased, follow my youtube channel for Jikook/FMV/BTS uploads. Brutally Honest Reactions to Jikook. JiKook Height Difference Analysis. Requested by @jikook-enthusiasts thanks for the request my dear. i am DOWN #jikook #jimin #park jimin #bts #fav. Maybe sometimes Vmin makes me a bit flustered, but nothing like Jikook. I once read a jikook au where jimin is a famous actor and jungkook is a rookie and a fan of jimin. 3k) Baby Blue (I'll Bloom For You) by sugamins (YoonMin, 38. jikook social media au masterlist. Jikook AU:/ Where Jungkook has a crush on Jimin but doesnt know how to talk to him. There's a reason "there for you" is always going to be a jikook only song and this is that. 13-Year-Old Daughter Reading Porn Disguised as Fan Fiction: I discovered my 13-year-old daughter has been reading fan fiction for a very. Jimin was nervous when he finds out Jungkook is his partner. Posts; Likes; Submit a post; Archive; gaja-aegiya-gaja-deactivated202. He flirts, teases and is all over Jimin. it is jikook's world and we are just living in it. A decision that will affect J!mins and Je0ngguks complicated relationship. @kockmin: a fun mixture of content I enjoy. It all started with these pictures of Jimin and Jungkook at the airport. A "We were best friends as kids, but my mom moved me away and some amount of years later I'm back now" college au inspired by tumblr and my best friend who effectively turned me into jikook trash. JUST SAW THAT IT TOPPED DDAENG RECORD IN 2HOURS. My blog is a whole mess but I don't care. summary: the story of how booty shorts ruined jeongguk's life. reblog, like if you save or use. Whereas "hyung" and "noona" are terms of respect for both siblings, other family members, as well as close friends/coworkers. minieggukie: jimin, after this: I just hope you're lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me~♪ 💔😔. Jeongguk wasn't ready for him to come back. Never miss a post from mamamochi73. went out without jikook? Are Jimin and Jungkook having a honeymoon in Hawaii? Seems so. @jeonparkdaily: some great crack. JiKook TrAsH 》J͙i͙k͙o͙o͙k͙ is my religion《 | (gay admin with a heart full of Jikook🌈) This is a place where everyone is welcome and all members are loved and respected! Spread LOVE ɴᴏᴛ ʜᴀᴛᴇ! Feel free to ask me anything (my inbox is waiting!) Posts; Ask me anything! Submit a post. so here you go have some jikook fic glitter ゚。. Moodboard Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. 181212 Mama in Japan (Jikook Edition) Hello Jikookies 🥰. I know it's not about them, it's about the webtoon, I know I'm reading too much into it and all of this is… probably my own imagination going wild. It's a pity he stopped making those videos or at least stopped posting them. like or reblog if u save or use !! rosé jikook rose icons jikook headers bts layouts blackpink layouts bangpink layouts bangpink packs jimin layouts rose layouts rose lq icons jikook layouts jungkook layouts kpop icons kpop layouts kpop packs jungkook headers jimin headers. Jikook is real? (Source Tumblr). #jikook #bts #bts icons #bts imagines #bts jimin #park jimin #jimin #jiminie #jimin icons #bts jungkook #jeon jungkook #jungkook icons #kookie #kpop icons #south korea More you might like. Jungkook really loves Jimin like this. YOONGI X READER 1) Yoongi fingering and eating you out in his studio :) Name: Yoongi X Reader (Dirty Imagine) Rating : E for Explicit 2) Little Movie Star ⭐ Rating: E for Explicit and C for Comedy Summary: You ride Yoongi while he's on a business call with Namjoon while wearing a crotchless bodysuit. Jungkook: Makes a travel vlog all focused around Jimin with a gay song sung by a gay artist as background music, makes another video and only shows Jimin during the parts that say "I'm tired of hiding, what we have is so real", sucks on Jimin's ear while Jimin is crying on stage in front of thousands of people, films Jimin for like. REQUESTED] Jikook/Angst Fic Recommendations. I write K-Pop fanfics on AO3 but I read a lot of other things too. park jimin jeon jeongkook jikook ptd concert ptd on seoul concert bts jikook. JIKOOK FANFICTION RECOMMENDATIONS. this is my first time doing something like that but i've read way too much fics and i have to find a way to use my knowledge for good + this way maybe i can organize fics that i've read. Did he mention he’s also a stripper? Original post RoseAndGoldAsks RoseAndGoldMoodoards Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Bonus Part 6 Part 7. Mingyu: You know, the producers of this generation can be real aggressive. Jungkook doesn't know if Jimin returns the same feelings as him. 🐥*half listening/snaps to* "Wait what". When it comes to the subconscious and the things we are transmitting, as humans we aren't trained to be aware of what are feet may be doing at any given time or what kind of message. hlittlespoonx reblogged this from infires-jikook. BTS maknae line vminkook ★ — please like or reblog if saved! bts bts icons bts layouts jimin taehyung bts messy layouts bts packs taehyung packs jungkook jimin icon vminkook icons vmk layouts jikook layouts taehyung icon taehyung layout jungkook layout jungkook header jikook icons taekook icons vmin icons vminkook packs JK JIMIN KTH. kookmin1913: JK forgot he was skipped and looks at JM saying it was because of you, and JM just gives him a finger heart in response. What he didn't expect was a one-night stand with Jeon Jeongguk, a successful CEO much older than Jimin with no interest in. where my fandom thoughts vacation — MEANWHILE JIMIN STAYS. This announcement was quickly followed by the creation of the members’ personal Instagram accounts. I used to be in the jikook tag a lot but now I don't even look because it's just full of all this shipping war nonsense and it gets so tiring. however, i need to let out about how only recently I've been noticing the way tae clings to hoseok like it's so angsty teen-bot crushing on his hyung that i feel so desperate for hoseok to respond to poor tae in that way but hosoek is just loving him in a brotherly manner. jealous of their interactions, 2. While i was going back through my fancams, i found a little something i forgot to upload back then so i thought why not share it with you now :). if u bothered to check my #jikook tag you'd know i love jikook tf???? and also i'm not even active on tumblr anymore, i just come on every now and then and reblog whatever i see on my dash. fall for jikook, University of Cambridge, Business and Management Department, Faculty Member. can they do this again, pls? 26. goldenjapan: jungkook walking up to jimin and caressing his back and neck while saying "jimin-ssi". Let's start from the beginning of the tale. White Day is celebrated on 14th March, it is the counterpart to Valentine's Day where it is the other party's turn to reciprocate affections (mostly by giving chocolates). Jungkook inherited a witches shop from his late grandmother but he doesn’t know how magic works. Posted on April 19, 2017 April 21, 2017 by. Today i opened a new jikook account in twt. Explore releases from エロ同人 at Discogs. JIKOOK / KOOKMIN | YOONMIN TRASH go far enough back and you'll find 30,000 posts of random garbage, you've been warned hey-seoul-sistah: Mood: Jimin Cursing. Anyway, It’s just that for years, jikook Tumblr was the first thing I checked in the morning and the last before I went to sleep. Montrealae90 Monty/25/ARMY/artist/I ♡ jikook and park jimin too much. A change of perception between ARMY and Jikook? Live Reactions. Now I'm really confused,there's so many things I didn't know and honestly, made me raise an eyebrow. themoonispurple7: When making my list, I realized I had a lot, and I couldn't post it all at once. jikook fics recommendations。 i solemnly swear that i'm up to no good: title of your sextape by jeonminie; Park Jimin doesn't date alphas. PM calls for police reforms, says: 'Be soft on society, strict on those instigating it'. JK chose Purple as the dominant colour scheme while Jimin chose Yellow. JIKOOK GETTING BACK TOGETHER AU. If Jikook is real, none of the three guys involved in this back and forth shipper discourse, would feel any sort of way about those who ship Tkk. there have been tons of great smau's since my last rec list, and so i'll be sharing those with all y'all, i hope you can find ones you like or haven't read yet. Originally posted by theking-or-thekid. Jungkook doesn’t know if Jimin returns the same feelings as him. Meta: permalink (via jikook-took-over-my-life) Feb 10. Jinmin - in dec and after surgery in weverse. Follow CubThemes on Tumblr and Twitter for the latest news, updates and releases. So whenever jikook out jikook themselves, you'll run across me here, hyping like my name suggests and we'll have a laugh or cry or whatever and I'll gracefully exit until next time. Jikook au 19/19 (complete) In which Jungkook is a panicked gay and makes up a fake boyfriend but didn’t expect to be called out on his bullshit. Tumblr took the wraps off its 2019 Year in Review MondayTumblr. Hello everyone~ Finally! I'll be starting my kookmin/jikook fic rec. And with a feeling I'll forget. Jk was flirting with jm but jm was cold ( just pretending, he actually loves him uwu). McCarty, the overall treatment goal is medical and surgical weight loss as well as aesthetics. The light pressure Jungkook puts on Jimin's collar bone, so close to the neck, is loud. com Meet the Iconic "JiKook" Couple! In the fan communities, "shipping", which is initially derived from the word relationship, has become prevalent and has been an important aspect of fandom culture. Just one of those things Jikook do. Source: kookxmin kookmin jikook cuties;; day 1 so bright their faces disappeared for a moment lol i will rb the others and might upload one more later jixkook. Jikook Dynamics Through The Years: 2014 pt. (what can u say, whipped) Jimin dragging Jungkook to wherever he wants on BV3 and Jungkook letting him. userjiminie (terribly inefficient) workout buddies 💪🏼 + bonus: 1,937 notes. Well, my question is how are we sure jikook. See more ideas about jikook, jimin jungkook, bts jimin. I can't with these two! Nov 05, 2019. Beside that, when Jin was talking about 2018 incidents, he said 2, 3 years ago, while 2. 2 The posts for pre-debut, 2013 dynamics and part 1 of 2014 can be found in my masterlist as wel Stormblessed It's all just my opinion though, with lots of links to various other forms of content that I base those opinions off of. but you actually don't want that object or person back in your life. In 2022 I hope for nothing but happiness for jikook and all of bts as a whole, they deserve all the success and accomplishments. If anyone wants them to be as free and transparent as a straight couple, then join the fight for equality worldwide. It's been around 2-3 years Jikook have been sharing a car (both in and out of SK). @staycute1234 (Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I have such a bad memory. JiKook & Bangtan Fic Recommendations. If you're still willing to wait a bit for the ficks, my AO3 account is still up and everything is there. also if you post or write about triggering content. jikook having a blast filming ♡ posted on Sunday 907 reblog #jikook #jungkook #jimin. His jaw was sharp, nose defined, and a thin upper lip with a plump lower lip but they were still a delicate shade of pink; Jimin was always tempted to kiss his breathe away. hi — JiKook in 2008** BTS. Anyone knows a fic on AO3 where Jimin breaks up with Yoongi because he got pregnant. qdeoks, melting on!, hyde roy, H L, eliza moon. I am really really sorry for being so late and leaving you hanging. you got me, i dream while looking at you. i hope everyone has a good year ahead, even if there are hurdles along the way! i love each and everyone whether you've followed me from day one, a few years back, or if you've just followed me today. Keith and Lance are not canon, meaning that their relationship is not part of the show’s scripted story line. Like idk where you guys even get these thoughts?? we legit just got a selfie a few days ago and jikook still have moments on stage, just most of the time they're only on twitter and not tumblr. BTS: The Unique Way the Group Helps Young People. #anon #ask #JK #JM #JMJK #JK' GCFs. chimchimchimmychim whispered: Best completed jikook fics with bad boy jungkook. but who are you to choose what i want on my blog tho LMAO chill tf out. Jungkook is convinced by his best friend to go to a street race and ends. Browse By Name: Zuny Caballero – zuny siswanto Find researcher profiles alphabetically by name. It was a topic that was important to them both to address right away and. {Disclaimer :- If you're not a Jikooker, I suggest you stop reading this blog. Two old men hand in hand rush for taking place for prayer time in the Yeni Cami mosque in Istanbul. My life will never be the same. See more posts like this on Tumblr. Jikook held hands therefore they are boyfriends- Alt fact. Originally posted by yoongikook. Social Media aus: Jikook Soulmate au - original post - { When you turn 17, a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin. My sister, who I live with, thought she couldn't get the vaccine because she doesn't have insurance. jikook is real ( previous name jikookedits23 ) [ msg me anything you want in English, French, Arabic ^o^ ) Hello im just another jikook trash that love jikook more than anything - i have a youtube channel where i post jikook videos. The relationship between Jungkook and Jimin is true love. have some jikook moments :-))) Originally posted by mintsugakookies. Just wanted to say I really appreciate you and I'm really proud of you. Jikook 공간 삘받는 대로 리트윗해서 옛날 자료를 보게될 수도 있어염 •᷄ɞ•᷅ #kookmin #jikook. love animals and Jikook and writing. It's a known saying in Korea, which is the equivalent of "Netflix and chill. jikook users• gcffavs • gcfvoirr • loveingcf • Iietime (i) • softkookji • jigoosoft "⎙ Please like and tell me if u catch! / Por favor, curta e me diz se vc pegar!. hi, anony!! thank you so much for the sweet message and welcome to the fandom!! i'm glad you like the fic! and yes, i do have plans to finish it, however i just don't know when i'll have the time to finish it. same for me i never rly go on here anymore. However, Jikook past and present is unmistakably homoromantic. jimimn: ball dancing with the soulmate (cr. To say rehab was hard, was an understatement. Jikook + Subconscious (a brief thought) According to a retired FBI agent (Joe Navarro) feet (for the majority of the time) are the most honest part of our body. Jikook High School AU Masterlist💫 (completed)Part 1 💫 Part 2 💫 Part 3 💫 Part 4 Part 5 💫 Part 6 💫 Part 7 💫 Part 8 Part 9 💫 Part 10 💫 Part 11 (🚨) 💫 Part 12 Part 13 (🚨)💫 Part 14 💫 Part 15 💫 Part 16 (🚨)💫. JK’s ‘Only then ’: Hyunjae’s (The Boyz) reactions to whatever the hell was going on between JK & JM: Tumblr. Jungkook's mind for Jimin's laugh. see this post for more details about changes to the blog. The clip in question was Jungkook asking Jimin "Do you want some ramen?". jungkookschubbymochi liked this. Tattoo, my bias wrecker: Originally posted by theking-or-thekid. Screwed Up and Brilliant AO3, Complete, Jimin's post-bar taxi cab is hijacked by a man with a rare skillset and an unusual business card that Jimin has half a mind to throw away. Jikook Posts: Steps To You (Brazil, 2019) Jikook on Stage (Seoul Final, 2019) This moment right here is happiness (KBS, 2019) The Black and White Couple. #jikook #kookmin #jikook au #jikook social media au #bts au #bts social media au #masterlist #jikooksocial101 #kookmin au #kookmin social media au #jikook smau #kookmin smau #jikook boxer au #kookmin boxer au #boxer au More you might like. Not at Laguna Beach, not anywhere. See a recent post on Tumblr from @alienanatijimin about jikook. Jonathan Goodwin was performing a stunt while being. Monty/25/ARMY/artist/I ♡ jikook and park jimin too much. The Programa de pós-graduação em Ecologia e Conservação Department at Universidade Federal de Sergipe on Academia. Blood Too Rich by humblestart1. check the dropdown for important. message for you :) playing this every day until i die. It was hard finding vampire sis with bad boy Jungkook but I hope you don't mind! ️. Even if you aren't Harry's 'stache's biggest fan, this might have been a long time coming for the singer. you see something in that them you don't like, or 3. Meat - because sharing is caring? As they have proven time and time again. Hope this list helps out! Got some of you asking about it so made a full post :) 1, On Patrol - Season 2 by Ragi Officer Jeon still has his eyes on Mr. They like to imagine what it would be like to be with Tae/JK using the other member of the ship as the self-insert. 🌺JIKOOK SOULMATE AU🌺 🌺 Part 1 🌺 Part 2 🌺 Part 3 🌺 Part 4 🌺 Part 5 🌺 Part 6 🌺 Part 7 🌺 Part 8 🌺 Part 9 🌺 Part 10 🌺 Part 11 🌺Part 12 🌺Part 13 🌺FINAL -completed-. Soon, but here's the link anyway. I can still enjoy and appreciate their content for the most part. jung-koook: BTS X VOGUE/GQ COVER posted on Sunday 5232 reblog #bangtan. BTS x Jikook Pain and Happiness is equal. do not repost twitter: @bcrushed - | hannibal | black sails | death stranding |. #jikook #jimin #jungkook #OMFF #BOYFRIENDS #BABIES #BUNNIEISISIS #BABY BOYS. Suga-bts-photoshoot-fila-uhdpaper. It’s a popular misunderstanding that one can only ship two characters. If that was Jikook, I'd say the same thing and criticize anyone who reads too much into it. I am BTS trash 😍 Park Jimin is my BIAS 😘 And I ship JIKOOK like nobodys business 😊thoughts worth to be blogged about Twitter | AO3 | Aff. im a film major in college, have a beautiful bf, and have a job :)) fun stuff. That day, love was literally in the air (only for Jikook). For example, Jimin once tweeted a pic of Tae and Jk with the caption "Vkook" I mean why?!. jungkook's nothing if not hell-bent on winning, and he'll strive for new heights with jimin by his side - all the way to the tokyo vale tudo, a no-holds-barred tournament rife with risk. Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; Look at him 🥺🤤🥴. Written by one of the best, most descriptive bangtan fic writers in the fandom. Filed under: abt me oh the feels man fuck math quite frankly. @delurkedblog: amazing analysis; the reason I discovered Jikook tumblr was thriving. Tagged: #jikook #jikook fanart #park jimin #jeon jungkook #bts fanart #bts fan art. jeon jungkook, though… when it comes to jimin, i dont know if its shyness, but he loves jimin so quietly and he does it from. I stopped the blood but more keeps coming out. Then I realized that A world for two was going to be my dead end and consequentially started to. I've had this though about jikook and I wanted someone else opinion I believe they have a special relationship and it definitely isn't a usual friendly or brotherly one but I feel that they aren't actually dating instead they both have feeling for each other and like each other in a romantic sense and are very aware of this which is why we get all the cute romantic moments but for reasons. Hello Jikookies, hope you are doing well today 殺. This is a bit strange because they haven't made a statement about any of the other. welcome to my blog !! noel ༝ 노엘. Pink Lemonades, Tattoos And I Love You's by sunrr. follow my twitter for more shenanigans. Typical fantasy play, a safe way to explore a burgeoning (for the younger) or repressed/unexplored (for the older) sexuality. I liked it a lot, it was an emotional roller coaster. 9:49 PM · Nov 25, 2021·Twitter for iPhone. jikook jikook icons jikook packs jikook layouts jikook matching icons Matching icons messy packs measy moodboard messy icons kpop icons jimin icons jimin headers jimin park jimin jimin layouts bts icons bts packs moodboards aesthetic bts butter twitter layouts bts jungkook jeon jungkook jungkook packs jungkook icons jungkook layouts bts twitter. Authors Summary: Park Jimin is hellbent on celebrating a breakup with his cheating ex while juggling his final semester at university. Jm was also there but in a distance. Full of: jikook, jungkook, and jimin. “be jealous!” “I will continue to hold Jiminie”. #up10tion icons #wooshin icons #xiao icons #xiaoshin icons #up10tion matching icons #julia #up10tion #bg #group. Jungkook and Jimin are famous solo artists in South-Korea with their fair share of international fame. to do [vague hand gestures pointing to the gifs above] whatever it is that they're doing. That hasn't changed at all, if not even has gotten worse…. I post jikook fanfics that I have read :) you can ask me for recs / lost fics. carrd gifs carrd moodboard carrdco carrd profile carrd stuff carrd. don't repost 🚫 like or rb if u save. #ask #anon More you might like. in which Jimin accidentally pins Jungkook to a wall. Jikook - "Kiss me" [Ed Sheeran] Settle down with me. Anonymous asked: Hi! I would like to first thank you for your efforts, I love all your videos ( btw can't wait for the next part of BTS reaction to jikook). No doubt Jimin owns gcf, he deserves to tbh. jikook Kookmin THE- this is one of those in office aus. You are My Fate, This Once and Always by taestylife. Jk picking jimin up in a bridal style. thanks nice anon hi it's a good day in the jeon park house jungkook jimin jikook jikook gay jikook is real jikook just jikooking nbd kookmin mingukkie mingguk minkook general jungkookery jeon jungkook is a romantic man jeon jungkook does what jeon jungkook wants goddammit also a whole park jimin exists. 🐰"I SAID - I'm gonna go through the 'Lost and Found' when my dance is through. Break the Silence: Jikook edition I didn't originally plan to do this, but while going through the series content, the amount of Jikook scenes hit me right on the head (again). Primarily a BTS fanartist but other kpop groups, video game characters, and anime ships are occasionally thrown in. Ranging from pics to fanfics(#jikook fic) and random jikook prompts(#jikook hc) that no one may ever write. jikook-love park jimin: *is muscular, has muscular arms & thighs, abs, clearly strong, flexible, runs well, has good stamina, defies gravity when he dances, a ballet boi, sassy, don't take no shiet from nobody, the epitome of fit and thicc™…etc. Both chose to add a streak of colour to their characters hair. #I've been emotional over mingguk lately #don't judge me #if I didn't end with JM slapping JK I'm pretty sure I would have cried #park jimin #jeon jungkook #Jikook #mingguk #Jimin #bts jimin #Jungkook #bts jungkook #JM #BTS JM #JK #BTS JK #JMJK #JKJM #jungkook and jimin #jimin and jungkook #bts jikook #bts mingguk #Jikook edit #jeon. you're a shipper of another duo. like/reblog if you saved ou liked. Jk was then flirting with the girl ( whose dad has something to do with the mission) , he was making jm jealous and ask her for a drink and holds her hands all flirts. jungkook trying to hold in his laugh is the cutest thing ever +6738. Don't just do it for them either. I get major Jikook vibes out of this song. All of these cute wallpapers were made by Free People! kimxedits. Pairing: Park Jimin/Jeon Jungkook. They seem to have the friendship that allows for "hyung" to be used. themoonispurple7: I've been summoned by finger biting and gorgeous face makeup! 💛💜. they had to shared a car with jin and jk. officially by wordcouture (JiKook, 4. And BTS ARMY is trending "Jikook/ KookMin Day' celebrating the same. Because even if I die this way, I don't regret it~♥ ". Jikook is definitely a fanservice cuz all we know abt them happened ON cameras, that's how we know anything at all and so their relationship is all fake. Artists on Tumblr was the top community on Tumblr in 2019, while the most popular meme for the. I don't think the status of their friendship would change that. white haired (permission to dance era) hobi phone wallpapers 🤍. the combination ofpark jimin's and jeon jungkook's names; used to refer to them as a unit; 2. What is this Ian thing, I'm so lost. that soft loving look of complete adoration towards his partner that ji chang wook has managed to perfect and uses continuously throughout every drama he stars in is honestly like one of the main reasons i will always be trash for him and his dramas. I Knead You by flitter - Every Friday night, Jimin gets to play target, lets Jungkook mold his skin and bones. TKK Getting hit with a double whammy. masterlist this will be uploaded every once in a while when i have free time! :) if there is a ** by one, then it's one of my favorites! all fics are from ao3 unless specified otherwise~ -fluff- Math. Discover more posts about kookmin, minkook, mingukkie, jikook ptd seoul, mingguk, jimin, and JIKOOK. Jm: *points to his cheek* Jungkook-ah, kiss! Jk: Bangtan:. 🥀 jikook rose au 🥀concept 🥀 my work of art 🥀part 1 🥀part 2 🥀part 3 🥀part 4 🥀part 5 🥀part 6 🥀part 7 🥀part 8 🥀part 9 🥀part 10 🥀part 11 🥀part 12 🥀part 13 🥀part 14 🥀part 15 🥀part 16 🥀part 17 🥀part. Summary: They break and burn - Jimin leaves. - baby boy jungkook enthusiast. I just wanna thank you for making all these taekook analysis videos and happy au. That is, until he desperately needs a date to his company's merger celebration party, and suddenly, he's on the phone with Jeon Jeongguk, a companion who. I can’t think of anymore recently. On Tumblr, he ranked 1st in 'Top K-Pop Stars' for 3 consecutive years. Part(s): 56/? Genre: harry potter au, jikook enemies to lovers. Some things just need to exist. 720x1280 Bts Tumblr Wallpaper 356496 - Jikook Summer Package 2017 (#364422. INCORRECT QUOTES (dont click it! my humour is trash) BTS biases, stans, ships. I will change the user to jikookie, ok? I don't want problems with user. i am 200% certified jikook trash. Belly pokes don't usually have to be rough to tickle your lee. Ian, my bias: Originally posted by nnochu. • first remember in taekook's vlive jk feels awkward doing vlive because its been a long time since he did it then promised to do a vlive next time because he felt bad he didn't talk much but then. the jikook tumblr tag is literally full of things like this, which is absolutely pathetic. If you like that, welcome, you can follow me ! If you don't, you can just go on with your life !. Anonymous whispered: Can you recommend just Jikook fics. BV3 Jikook buying beers: Okay whatever Jimin hyung wants. Language: English Words: 7,688 Chapters: 6/? Comments: 23 Kudos: 200. But it run its course and like in most relationships, my honeymoon phase with jikook was over. Jikook - FF7 AU Not entirely happy with it (just peeved at some of the colors *shrugs* ), but in the end I just wanted to FINISH IT once and for all… I was supposed to have finished it on Nov 30, but once beyond 2AM hit I fell asleep 3 times on my computer desk and just called it quits. tae taehyung taehyung* kim taehyung networkbangtan taehyungedit btsedit btsgif dailybts dailybangtan bangtanedit bangtangif vantaenet bangtanarmynet ipurpleunet purplearmynet armysource *gifs y'all would not believe the before and after on this coloring i almost wanna post it SOMEONE ASK ME TO. Reddie from IT, and finally, Jikook from BTS. So I didn't take my feeling seriously until the moment Jimin tweeted 3 selcas with Tae and JK in the background but he only mentioned Tae in the tweet's caption. jikook 4 eva — jikook being cute. In general, K-pop is a genre that overwhelmingly attracts fans in. 이 모든 건 우연이 아니니까~ "Just stay like that forever. 💜 > 👑 — Jikook kicking off 2022 saying yes we are always. Jikook Fic Database run by jikookiejar Tags Authors List Masterlist Ask Recs Favorites Some really sad things happened in my family, and I decided to take a break from Tumblr as all the petty drama here wasn't helping me heal. Namjoon and Jimin have been with each other in one capacity or another for over a decade, but lately it feels like they're complete strangers. #jikook #kookmin #jimin #jungkook #jikook gay #jikook just jikooking nbd #and a jeon jungkook #jmjk #jkjm #minggukie supremacy #jeon parks jeonparking More you might like. @loverjimin jihope it's probably the Aquarius energy. bts taehyung couple jikook jimin soft icons taekook yoongi imagine bangtan bangtan sonyeondan bts gifs jikook couple run bts bts icons 36 notes Nov 30th, 2021 Open in app. They are casted in a drama where jungkook gets the main role which jimin was aiming for and jimin gets another role and he hates jk for taking his role but then jk falls sick and they grow closer. edu is a place to share and follow research. Jun 23, 2018 - Explore sen's board "JiKook" on Pinterest. Everyone were really surprised because BTS were on their break then, and then these two were seen together at the airport. jikook kookmin jikook kookmin jikook fanart jikook art bts jikook kookmin art kookminart. pairing: jikook rating: nc16 genre: soulmate au, angst & fluff, implied smut a/n: for day 7 of #jikook fluff week <3 combining the name tattoo au with this song & post! yall might wanna grab a fluffy bolster/stuffed toy to hug :^))) ahh I'm not even sure this came out coherent omg anyway, comments and notes are very much appreciated u ____ u please enjoy~. Anon: Who is Ian, baby G and tattoo? Baby G: Originally posted by ultranicolet. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Q: I heard the members’ participation in the new album was high. Tumblr's top 20 ships from the past year span TV, movies, YouTube, and more. Jimin : We grasped the directionality while talking amongst the members a lot. Jikook just can't help but touch when they are in a close proximity to one another. — it's amazing to see how much you've grown and become a beautiful man. jungkook: *beats jimin at a game*. home inbox archive Main blog (not bts related) credit. Officer Min is a little bit in love with his neighbor. crushes are plague (and i caught your fever) by wineyoongs. And then hell broke lose when they were spotted in Tokyo later on. Jungkook showed us a little bit of the Jimin that he knows. like, reblog, or credit @gukiepjm on twitter. 7k) For public/semi-public fics in general check out Admin N's Comp, to which we add this fic that doesn't involve Jungkook or Yoongi: lavender skin and cotton shirts by voseok (MinJoon, 3. It's sexual, because that area of the neck and shoulder is an erogenous zone to begin with. 2,839 likes · 1 talking about this. Inyeon Series Presage - canon compliant one-shot that's a behind for the. rb/like if you use or save ^_^. And if you're interested, he can give you odds of five to one that Jimin and. #jikook #jikookfanart #jikook college au #here it is #I have to split it into 2 parts cause tumblr only allows 10 images per post #part one is soft #part two is steamy. Features lesbianism, male bisexuality, bondage, 'rough sex'. im not 15 haha i created tumblr in 2015 but not posted till later :). Switching Tumblr for Twitter was probably what ended up destroying my sanity. Serendipity Euphoria Posts; Archive; kookminficrecs. We need to talk about this one Jikook habit. the miracles we hold (8k, complete, 2/2, T) by astrone. Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; mslittlerinran. Angst, smut and everything in between. i know there is this cliché where jikook shippers will ship vhope or maybe that's just how i saw it.