fal barrel. 1846: Belgian FN FAL Heavy Barrel Semi-Automatic Rifle. Israeli Light-Barrel FAL (from DS Arms) Israel was one of the very First Nations to adopt the FN FAL rifle – after Canada but before many actual NATO nations. FAL / L1A1 Gunsmithing Prices. Chamber set deep for easy headspace. Description: This is a New DSA Rifle model SA5821CRU-A is designed to provide the Legendary Quality of all DS Arms rifles but at a …. Belgian FN FAL Heavy Barrel Semi-Automatic Rifle with Bi-PodThis rifle features shrouded post front sight, adjustable peep rear sight graduated to 600 meters, carrying handle, and has a folding bi-pod and FN muzzle break attached to the barrel. You can actually try out other ammunition since it's multi-caliber. Original Barrel Brazilian Imbel FAL Parts Kit built on DSA type 3 receiver. IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS BUYER MESSAGE ME. 17 reviews of Barrel 28 Restaurant "Great place to enjoy a meal. Based on requests from military and civilian customers alike, the Tavor 7 is IWI’s introduction into the 7. S Tarkov's 16-inch barrel is actually 16. I never got into the groove of shooting it though. 64 - folding skeleton butt and standard length barrel 4) FAL 50. 42's buttstock is made from wood. [citation needed] The gas system is driven by a short-stroke, spring-loaded piston housed above the barrel, and the locking mechanism is what is known as a tilting breechblock. IIRC, we had 2-3 MOA at 100 yards with surplus Radway Green. They have the nicknames War Hammer or Hebrew Hammer. 5" Stainless Steel Frying Trinidad Wicker Barrel Dining Arm Chair with Cushi Strauss Stainless Steel 2. FN Herstal, the world’s leading designer and. Best Ground Loot Weapons List & Guns Tier. The flange is the flat part between the barrel threads …. Front Firing Blank Guns will say Front Firing in the name of the Blank Gun. These are our highest grade barrel and, of course, the most costly. *Barreling the FAL variant * By serger. Imbel FN FAL L1A1 Heavy Barrel. Shortening to lengths like 16" and under is like putting a smog device on a 1960's era muscle car. Shiny Bore, Tight Action FAL-H Front Bi Pod, Black Combat Sling, Compesated Barrel With 3x12x50 NcSTAR Scope on Picatinny Rail M. 308 WIN Pencil Rifle Barrel is a premium upgrade for your firearm. Sale! AMERICAN 180, 9″ BARREL 22LR Transferable Machine Guns $ 17,995. Available in calibers: 243Win, 260Rem, 7mm-08, 308Win/7. 9/16″-24 TPI to 5/8″-24 TPI Conversion Adapter. marocchi o/u barrels m-57 with 2 internal choke tubes. DSA SA58 FAL Belgium Style 21" Heavy Barrel FALO Front End Assembly - Includes Barrel, Gas Block, Handguards, Bipod, Muzzle Device & Carry Handle. Get latest factory price for Plastic Drum Barrel. Rubberized coating over hardened plastic with metal rod inner for added strength. 7% The Chief (681) Total Positive Feedback - 681, Rating - 100% L/FN (678) Total Positive Feedback - 679, Rating - 99. 25" barrel, my second was an 18" barrel. The stock and handguards are glass-filled nylon reinforced, and to top off the. Shop for your Bipod, FAL Heavy Barrel with Numrich Gun Parts - the world's largest supplier of gun parts. You will get FN-FAL SA-58 SCOPE …. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The barrel vise consists of a pair of aluminum barrel blocks that are cut to match the barrel profile of both metric and inch FAL barrels. It comes with the short 9 inch. wp UW}} {{Information |Description = {{en|Israeli Heavy Barrel FAL variant. The FN 509 MRD-LE is the career-duty pistol for the future. Because of the nature of the AR parts business and varying pressures of commercially available ammunition, Wilson Combat cannot guarantee function in customer built AR rifles. 25" fluted medium contour barrel A2 Flashider Shortened. The heavier barrels are a little stiffer and suffer less from barrel harmonic disruptions or heat distortion but I dont think in a weapon such as an FAL it matters too much. However, despite being provided with a substantial amount of ammunition in Vault …. Considering that FAL is an assault rifle, it can also be used for longer range shots to complement its accuracy and range. [6] This platform was designed by Stefan Kenneth Janson who. About Barrel Fal Kit Threading. 280 Experimental Rifle FAL Universal Carbine FAL Bullpup 1951 Olin/Winchester FAL A semi-automatic, twin barrel variant chambered in the 5. Even their latest offering, the 'M14SE SDM' - 'Crazy Horse' in use by the 101st Airborne Div and the 2nd Infantry Div, is built using a 4140 steel barrel. In 2020 we are phasing in chrome lined barrels it took far too long to get the tooling set up to chrome line FAL barrels but at last it is done. As you'd expect, the way Tony stays on top is by shooting the very finest equipment he can find. Aim Sports Inc is a firearm accessories manufacturer and distributor. 45 ACP semiautomatic home defense/camp carbine with 10. Full Metal FAL Outer Barrel Receiver Securing Ring Replacement. 05 inches long and is tipped with a muzzle brake. Building the FAL at Home, Tools. FAL – Lock, Stock, & Barrel Arms. In the West, FAL's primary competitor was the German Heckler & Koch G3. Racist posts of any sort will not be tolerated. Model: Israeli FN FAL Hebrew Light Barrel Condition: Used Stock: Wood Handguards: Wood. Listed below are some of his previous designs: Bushmaster Pistol, Rifle, & Submachine Gun QCB for. In recent years, we have expanded our facility vastly improving our production capabilities. Clamp in a large vise, or mount to a bench or similar to. From the novice to the seasoned professional, every baker needs at least one high-quality cookie sheet. • Rifle is configured to be close to the original issued military spec model. 25" 20 Round Magazine FAL Compatible Magazine Trigger Pull 5lbs Bullpup Design Ambidextrous Controls Synthetic Stock. Rhineland Arms is applying our experience in making 45acp barrels to a new line up of short range hog hunting barrels utilizing full-length chambers and lock rings for Mauser, Savage and Remington rifles. (Out of Stock) KK-MPi-69 LOWER HAND GUARD. with straight extension these have been in storage for 15 years and will show some shop wear and sight corrosion: new: 25 : 85. 41 model with the rubber and synthetic butt stock. 62mm Rifle Sight, Trilux, L5A1" (L5A2 and L5A3 variants with different foresight inserts also existed) and intended for use in close range and in poor lighting conditions. Gun Review: DS Arms Rebuilds IMBEL FAL Rifle Custom built by DS Arms for the author, this IMBEL FAL-style rifle was made from a combination of U. From your pix it looks like the barrel is new and not just refinished. The top cover of the receiver is. Using new billet receivers and other U. 0x Optic Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip Ammunition: 30 Round Mags First up for the best Warzone FAL loadout is the Monolithic Suppressor, as it silences your weapon and increases your damage-per-second at range. Take a look at the best long-range loadouts for FAL: Barrel – XRK Marksman; Optic – Canted Hybrid. Israel Arms International. Barrel 28 Burger is delicious as well as the fish and chips. ive been millen around the idea of buying a DSA STG58 with a 16" barrel but im curious of something what kinda difference in accuracy . FAL Traits Weapon Traits Classic Battle Rifle. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. The Indian 1A bayonet is closely patterned after the British L1A4 bayonet, except that it has wooden grip scales. The FAL rifle is widely known to constitute a part of the Syrian arsenal (Gander, 2001; Smith & Smith, 1965; Stevens & Van Rutten, 1981). 95 FAL Barrel Group FAL, gas block, standard $ 67. In servizio per decenni in oltre 90 paesi del mondo, il FAL è stato uno dei fucili più utilizzati della storia. Complete! Complete Imbel FAL Front End. PRE-BAN FN Heavy Barrel FAL (LAR 50. We obtain single items and entire. The above sizes are also shown in some publications in this format:. Assault Weapons of Ohio is a class II manufacturer / SOT. The damage per bullet of the FN FAL is only rivaled by the M14 in the Assault rifle category. Start by finding the right couch for the living room. 5" Barrel Imbel Barrel, Professionally Cut to 17. DSA FAL SA58 21″ Medium Contour Barrel Fixed Stock rifle. Return Spring Tube, Heavy Barrel Type, Used. Indeed, the FN FAL became the European symbol of the classic Cold War Battle Rifle for the West. Sale! CHINA AK-47 Transferable Machine Guns $ 74,995. Others in that region need around $37 per barrel, with the average breakeven point for onshore wells in the Gulf states at around $27 per barrel. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 6, 2012. The redesigned upper receiver group features a shortened barrel and widened gas ports for reliable cycling. DSA SA58 FAL Pistol w/ 11in Barrel. Last updated 04 March 2017 6:30PM. DSArms says the only parts the builder will need to source is a barrel and upper receiver. by SBL in Israel in conjunction with Onyx Arms of Montana. Firearms, Firearms Parts & Accessories Manufacturer. M60E3 machine gun with the full length barrel - 7. JULY 4TH SALE FN/FAL Stripped Barrel (7. Parts pertaining to the FAL barrel group. Armscorp imported a limited number of â Heavy Barrel Model,â rifles that were semi-auto-only versions of the FMAPâ s FAP (Fusil Automatico Pesado or Heavy Automatic Rifle) This is a rifle was manufactured or at least tested on April 28 1988 it has only been fired 6 times and that was the testing at the factory in Argentina. Wooden hand guards are replaced with composite USGI-style hand guards for national match barrel upgrades. 00 and I immediately thought to myself “You just finished 5 years of college and didn’t get a gift for yourself yet”, and THAT is …. Muzzle velocity reached 2,800 feet per second. 308 WIN Mid-Length Pencil Barrel is fully stress …. A barrel might have 1:10″ stamped on the side but it is, in truth, a 1:10. The Tavor® X95™ is the next generation bullpup from IWI US, Inc. 5 Creedmoor barrels bring you the ideal configuration for precision and accuracy without the extra weight of barrel contour. T-fal Simply Delicioso C1076465 Hard Enamel Nonsti Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Pot, #113518; Tupperware Chef Series 9. We currently auction over 7,000 firearms and 13,000 associated items every year, making us the largest seller of used firearms and related merchandise on the West Coast. 9″ 300 BLKOUT Premium Barrel (Siphon AGP) $ 235. The barrel measured 21 inches in length. thread-adapters-conversions-extensions-silencer-suppressor- Hughes %. 137 N ; Question: An FAL rifle has a 0. For me, the M1A and its heavy wood stocks, felt like a WW2 M1 Garand with a detachable mag. DSG ARMS, the leading supplier of AR15 Firearm Accessories, Body Armor, Gun Parts and Firearm Optics. FN FAL, C1, Inch and Metric Pattern parts. This download has over 220 exploded gun diagrams with accompanying parts list. Muzzle Brake Recoil Compensators. Concerning The Barrel Of A PTR. 4140 Chromoly & 416 Stainless Steel - Concentricity & Axial Alignment Assured. Imbel FN FAL L1A1 Heavy Barrel. This heavy bbl Israeli style FN/FAL was mfg. My short-barreled FN FAL rifle model. Work the gun over and it should shoot like anything else. Midwest Gun Works Gunsmiths can offer you the knowledge and skill that your FN America firearm deserves. 4" Barrel Rifle CAN ONLY BE SOLD DIRECTLY TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, NOT AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUAL OR DEALER SAMPLE PURCHASE Description: The HK416 (5. It was a reverse-engineered copy of the FAL that incorporated a mixture of inch-pattern and metric FAL features. Search: Enfield Rifle Parts Diagram. This is the heavy barrel, “light support weapon” version of the FAL. The spring show some slight rust due to the long time storage but can be easily cleaned. 50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. DSArms says the only parts the builder will need to source is a …. Best Warzone FAL loadout Attachments. Cut FAL barrel or Sell and buy shoter. DSA is now offering a true collector's piece with this SA58 FAL! These SA58 rifles are based off the Israeli FAL and includes original Israeli wood components. The right side of the receiver has the made in Belgium FN markings along with a Gun South Inc. We are a veteran owner (USMC) home-based business. And while you won’t be able to take down your opponents with a single shot, you can still cause some serious damage. Israeli FAL Hand Steel Liner Set HB. Unlike the SCAR-H, however, the FAL has lower damage and lacks a scope. You can do that just by simply changing the barrel, bolt, and magazine. FAL Full-Auto Disconnector & Spring, Take off replacement parts BuyItNow! $19. Palmetto State Armory has all the AK Parts you need to outfit your AK the way you want it. The barrel is threaded for 5/8x24 RH thread and includes a DS Arms WarZ flash hider. Your best bet is to match the barrel to the type of receiver you intend to build one. Power Custom of Gravois Mills, Missouri is the parent company of Red Star Arms. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. DSA Izzy pattern chrome lined tubes come to mind. 00 Add to cart; Sten spring set $ 20. There is a 21″ US-made brand-new barrel on the gun, with a muzzle brake/flash suppressor on the end of it - it really helps tame recoil, too. Rainier Arms offers the great selection of 6. The first was a heavy barrel gun that the barrel was cut to 16" with a vortex flash hider. The FAL gas system is driven by a short-stroke, spring-loaded piston housed above the barrel, and the locking mechanism is a tilting …. FN P-12 shotgun stocks, slings, and Fal. 56mm Duplex round during Project SALVO. What is Fal Barrel Threading Kit. 00,: Standard Infantry Rifle with Plastic Furniture; FAL 50. FAL/L1A1 Timing Rods for Barrel Indexing. The 10mm pistol is one of the first weapons found inside Vault 111 (after the security baton), located in the overseer's office. GForce GF2P Pump Action Shotgun,12ga, 20" Barrel, 3" Chamber, Black, New. FAL, barrel group schematic diagram. FN FAL barrels are high quality and there are not very many good ones left. The L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle, also known as the SLR (Self-Loading Rifle), by the Canadian Army designation C1A1 (C1) or in the US as the "inch pattern" FAL, is a British version of the FN FAL battle rifle produced by the Belgian armaments manufacturer FN Herstal. With all processes carried out by us, we ensure precision and quality in every step of manufacturing. It features adjustable sear engagement, overtravel, disconnect and safety. Austrian Model 95 Steyr · ATD · Barrel Blanks · BM59 · BRNO · Carcano · Cetme · Colt Model 1 · Czech VZ-58 · Czech VZ52/57 · Dutch Beaumont · Erma · FAL&nbs. Israeli FAL Parts Kits Announced by DSArms. The forend and stock appear to be new. To lock, it drops down into a solid shoulder of metal in the heavy receiver much like the bolts of the Russian …. This class is great for all playstyles, whether, sitting back or playing more actively. When fired, a bullet with a mass of 10. The barrel must be installed in a trunnion in order to locate the handgaurd retainer. trigger pull, repositioning of the ambidextrous mag release to an AR-15 location, a forearm with Picatinny rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o. Description: Description: ISRAELI FAL HEAVY BARREL IMI FURNATURE SET INCLUDES THE FOLLOWINGIsrael, Buttplate Assembly Heavy Barrel all NEW PARTS assembly includes: buttplate shoulder piece hinge pin buttplate screw (center) stock spring sleeve plunger spring for plunger Everything except the top and bottom butplate wood screwsthe lower receiver tang screw and center. The PARA Bush Warrior configuration features an 18" carbine barrel rather than the full size 21" barrel featured in the Cold Warrior rifle. New Red Star Arms Trigger is here!. As there a few drawings of m60 parts out 30 138 13. Military Arms LLC on Instagram: “Here’s an old pre-ban. Israeli FN FAL Heavy Barrel Battle Rifle Currency: USD Category: Firearms & Military / Hunting - Rifles Start Price: 10. products have a lifetime warranty and are backed by our extensive customer service. Five stars for great food, fantastic service, inviting atmosphere. Faxon Firearms AR-15 16" Flame Fluted 223 Wylde Barrel Mid-Length 416-R 5R Rifling QPQ Coated This item is currently on order MSRP: $305. Specifications: Length: 805mm - 1045mm (Folded, Unfolded) Weight: 3300g Inner Barrel: 500mm Magazine Capacity: 500rd Hi-Capacity. Check out the flares on the ammo page!!!!. The LAR is only found in helicopter crashsites. The FAL also features a carry handle, which is supposed to fold and unfold with noticeable resistance. For trade: DS Arms SA58 semi-auto FAL 21" Belgium Style FALO Heavy Barrel 7. FN-FAL is the best weapon for the attachment: high damage and low APs are perfect for single shots at the day time, as we know the Gun Barrel Extender falls off after few burst shots thus it would be better for single shots tactics. The one area that may take some tuning would be the gas system. In Stock Polymer Barrel Bipod Our Price: $9. Give your marker a facelift with the FAL handguard. STG58 Muzzle Extension, Original 25. Just as depicted no buttplate, no hardware, wood only. Hebrew Hammer Build: Izzy FAL – Paragraph4. Quick Tip — You can buy a micrometer or calipers by clicking the links below. 62 power in an overall short package while still boasting an 18. You must be logged in to post a review. All are excellent barrels and among the best quality. The left side of the receiver is marked ". 62 NATO) 18" Barrel Twist Rate 1:11. FAL barrel threading; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 00 (FAL) - fixed buttstock and standard barrel 2) FAL 50. Available in multiple barrel lengths, the I Series offers simple takedown and cleaning with the modularity of our SA58 M-LOK handguard. Sort By: Products per page: Viewing Page 1 of 3: 1 2 3 > >> DSA SA58 FAL 16" Jungle Warrior Carbine - Traditional Profile Barrel, Fixed Stock Carbine. Specifications for Snow Peak Fal Pro. This rifle was used by the British Army until the 1980's and was then replaced by the L85A1. When you finish speaking, don't forget to wipe. One rod attaches temporarily to the receiver, the second rod threads into the sight post hole. In 1957, 12,000 FAL rifles were to be exported to Syria (see Annexe 2). It has an IMBEL metric pattern receiver. The kits include a magazine and everything but the rifle’s upper receiver and barrel. 00 - Barrels for everyone who bought those kits from PSA. Not all receivers are made equal and some of the receiver threads have poor QC and won't time the barrel correctly. Is such a barrel compatible with an STG 58 kit? Or an IMBEL kit? I am aware the major FAL distinctions: inch and metric. Shop at Dan's, where there's a good deal for everyone. AR15barrels is definitely the way to go, although many moons ago I helped a friend bubba one together from a post we read on line. For final delivery we ship to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer located in your area and of your choice. com has FN FAL for sale from thousands of trusted sellers. 4" threaded barrel for the FN Five seveN with your choice of compatible silencer. Easthampton, MA, 01027 1-877-892-6533. It is based on the FN FAL platform, one of the most reliable and widely used military rifles in the history of the world. Belgian FN-FAL Heavy Barrel NOT Israeli FALO 7. Some of the FN FALs are restricted to semi-automatic fire only. Argentina adopted the FAL in the late 1950s with the purchase of rifles produced at FN, but commenced domestic production at FMAP in 1960. FN FAL Heavy Match Barrel. FAL BARREL FN contract metric standard threaded muzzle PreBan Good to excellent Crome bore. DS Arms FAL SA58 Metric Pattern 7. Princeton Replies: 4 Views: 1183 12/2/2020 6:00 PM. Lock Stock & Barrel is the premier West Coast auction house for firearms, militaria, and shooting/reloading accessories. Regarding the "Shoulder, Locking" there are 60 different sizes in four ranges : 1 - 15 1. }} |Source = Took the picture and created white background in GIMP 2 |Date = 2012-12 . Whether you need replacement parts or you are. This brake WILL keep the barrel down during repeated firing. 62x51 need to stay in the full rifle barrel length of 20"+ to maximize accuracy. We specialize in the Yugoslavian M76. We offer match grade barrels for the entire line of P99 and PPQ pistols in standard, threaded, and ported variations. These rifles have an adjustable gas port, a long. WTS/T Israeli (Izzy) Heavy Barrel FN FAL, $1250 - MI. The real problem with the world are laws preventing culling. DSA has the barrel, but it isn't threaded or drilled for a gas block. Discover the magic of the Internet at Imgur. The concept of a lightweight, mobile squad automatic rifle began in 1918. The FAL's front sight is placed on top of the end of the forend/gas tube, not on the end of the barrel. One is an Imbel on Imbel build where I got lucky with a tight fitting Imbel lower from another kit. 62x39mm Waffle Circle 10 30rd Magazine, Plum Price:. Original Imbel FAL Parts Kit with original intact barrel. The FN FAL rifle is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, select-fire rifle. Fal barrel questionArgentine barrel compatible with STG 58 kit?. This shim kit is a replacement for the peel washer and is used for mounting muzzle devices. 'Idiocy' may be a strong word, but clickbait gonna clickbait. 5 inch - 300 Blackout Barrel - …. The combination of suppressor and barrel adds a significant improvement to damage range while the extra ammunition means there is minimal need to reload on a regular basis. 25 Add to Cart FAL Carry Handle Spacer, Plastic *Very Good* $2. The #6 sniper rifle is of conical design, matching the Remington. The ATR is blowback operated, with a stationary barrel and gas piston operated breech block unlocking system. In addition to the light-barrel infantry rifle, Israel also adopted a heavy barreled version of the FAL as a light machine gun or automatic . 533 m long barrel, When fired, a bullet with a mass of 10. It is comprised of an Israeli heavy bbl squad machine gun parts kit on a new made (not sear cut) upper receiver which is semi-automatic. 62X39 30rd Magazine, Black Stainless, New. 51013 M14Y Youth Rifle 22LR 10rd caliber 22LR // capacity 10 // barrel 18". Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor Barrel: XRK Marksman Optic: VLK 3. The long stroke gas piston is located above the barrel and is linked to the bolt carrier. The FN FAL was the most common battle rifle of the free world from the late 1950s to the 1990s and was nearly adopted by the US Army, which favored the M-14 prototype. But a damn fine looking one at that and made with quality parts and most assuredly prior to the Cliton fiasco of 1994 when FAL's went to shit save for DSA. DSArms has announced the availability of a new FAL parts kit based on surplused Israeli Defence Force FALs. Check out the Destination Guide page. ( 2 customer reviews) From: $ 299. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. Brass 9mm UnPrimed Luger+P Bag of 250. All parts have a number in an oval. I was first introduced to the idea of a pinned & welded AR barrel in about 2011. 30-06 Sporter and other similar barrels. com, Your source for military surplus. Original Barrel Brazilian Imbel Kit on DSA receiver, FAL 5. 9 three 11 round magazines Very clean (C3491-21) -. Will trade for Israeli FAL / FALO - heavy barrel rifle in excellent condition. Permanently install muzzle device per ATF specs (1100+ degree silver solder) $40. BGS FAL Cut Receiver w/Demilled Barrel, Sold *As Is* Rating: 20%. Improve accuracy and reduce weight with a precision carbon fiber rifle barrel. Home hughesprecision 2021-02-05T17:26:48-05:00. Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe. *ISRAELI(TYPE)FN/FAL "HEAVY BARREL" WITH BIPOD. FN FAL Short Barrel - A 3D Model. The LAR is an extremely rare battle rifle in DayZ Standalone. Designed to feed from the FN/FAL metric pattern 20-round magazine, the RFB features 7. British L1A1, FN-FAL Flash Hider w/bayonet Lug 10. The other is from a pristine & high SN StG kit except the barrel is Argentine. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories. DSA SA58 FAL 21" Israeli Light Barrel Rifle - Officer Grade Hebrew War Hammer Israeli FAL 7. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS FAL, or IF YOU WANT MORE PICS I WILL GLADLY SEND. Hailed for its lightweight construction and unparalleled performance down range, the Faxon Firearms. For more information, visit dsarms. 750 Gas Block, Mid-Length Gas System (0) $189. We have FN Fal M-LOK and KeyMod Handgaurds. FN49 OR FN FAL PARA RIFLE RECOIL SPRING ASSEMBLY. The kit was built on a Hess receiver. On the accuracy, the accuracy displayed is considered very good for an FAL considering the standard for a FN FAL was 4-6 moa. 50 FAL Barrel Group FAL, BFA, G1 $ 24. The Idiocy of the "Pinned & Welded" Barrel. Specifications: Length: 680mm - 900mm (Folded, Unfolded) Weight: 2700g Inner Barrel: 420mm Magazine Capacity: 500rd Hi-Capacity. We provide custom accesories for AR, Shotguns and Pistols. NFA laws being what they are, a rifle has to have a barrel of 16″+ to not be considered a Short Barreled Rifle (aka, SBR). This diagram is not for sale – it is a reference to help you find your part. *ISRAELI (TYPE)FN/FAL “HEAVY BARREL” WITH BIPOD.